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"This is the third time I've bought from this store and I haven't been disappointed. The material is comfortable and the straps adjust as needed. Recommended." ~ 5 Stars

Feel more connected to your partner than ever with these fuzzy handcuffs. These handcuffs make it incredibly easy to restrain your lover and experiment with some of your naughtiest fantasies. Remember, there’s no escaping these restraints without a safe word!  😈

  • Vegan Leather - These handcuffs are made with vegan leather and include straps for adjustable sizing and have a smooth and comfortable fit that is secure enough to withstand playful struggling but loose enough to break free if needed. These bondage restraints are the perfect addition for your naughty bondage toy collection.
  • Play Well With Others - Pair this set with BDSM toys such as a BDSM whip or a flogger during foreplay and tease your partner without mercy with these gorgeous handcuffs to heighten their arousal during foreplay. These kinky restraints come in pink and black. Choose the desired color for your bondage needs. 
  • Command The Attention: Use these restraints with other BDSM toys to gently guide or command your partner and discipline them. These BDSM toys are a great introduction to kinky play.
  • Leave No Trace - These soft and comfortable fuzzy handcuffs won’t leave embarrassing marks, allowing you to get kinky with your partner without anyone noticing. Enjoy naughty playtime confidently without leaving a mark. 
  • Small & Portable - These handcuffs are great for easy storage and travel. Put these lovable restraints in your bag whether you are working or traveling and enjoy your naughty play on the go.  
  • Discreet Packaging - These bondage restraints will come in a discreet package. No mention of sex or sensitive words on your package. 
  • Pain & Pleasure - These bondage restraints are great for couples, foreplay, role play, and BDSM. Balance pain and pleasure in one with these BDSM toys to help heighten your sensations and enhance your pleasure. Designed to be beginner-friendly, these restraints are a great introduction to kinky sex toys. 

Remember, couples who play together stay together! Play with these fuzzy handcuffs to keep your lover by your side.  

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