Wanna Screw? - Nipple Clamps

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Looking for something fun to screw around with? These nipple clamps come with adjustable screws to create a customizable tension ranging from a gentle squeeze to firm pinch. Grab these naughty nipple toys and get ready to screw all night long! 🗜

  • Adjustable Clamps - These naughty little BDSM toys come with an adjustable screw so you can tighten or loosen them as needed, giving you the ultimate nipple stimulation. These nipple toys are the perfect addition for your naughty bondage toy collection.
  • Naughty Or Nice - Choose how you want to play with your partner by adjusting the tension of the screws. Stimulate your nipples until they are hard. Loosen the clamps and then gently close them around your nipple until you feel a pinch. Adjust the grip for a subtle squeeze or a tight pinch.
  • Visually Pleasing - These naughty BDSM toys are sold together as a pair and come in black or silver. Wear them with sexy lingerie and feel gorgeous while bringing your bondage fantasies to life.  
  • Compact - These BDSM toys are 1.2” x 2.1,” which is just the right size for enjoying nipple play on the go. Put these lovable nipple clamps in your bag whether you are working or traveling. You can enjoy nipple stimulation at home or the office without any worries. 
  • Keep It Clean - Just like other sex toys, nipple toys should be cleaned as needed. You can use a favorite toy cleaner, or warm soapy water for easy clean-up after your nipple play.
  • Discreet Packaging - These BDSM toys will come in a discreet package. No mention of sex or sensitive words on your package. 
  • Pain & Pleasure - Great for nipple play, couple play, foreplay, role play, and BDSM. Balance pain and pleasure with nipple play to help heighten your sensations and enhance your pleasure. People with more sensitive nipples are more likely to enjoy them. Designed to be beginner-friendly, these nipple toys are a great introduction to kinky sex toys.

Looking for a naughty gift to give your loved one? Give them these nipple clamps and screw around with them all night long!

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