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The cleaning spray is a game changer. This makes cleaning my toys so easy and sanitary." ~ 5 Stars

Do you have a hot mess to clean up after? Skip the harsh soaps and spray your toys with this mild and effective Cherry Poppins Toy Cleaner! This cleaner is designed to keep your sex toys squeaky clean after a hot and dirty night. Give your toys a deep cleaning before that deep penetration and they’ll be sure to last! Time to come clean and get yourself this toy cleaner! 💦

  • Easy Cleanup - Spray this toy cleaner onto your sex toys with its easy to use spray nozzle. When you’re ready to clean your toy, grab the bottle and apply a generous amount. Let the cleaner sit for 60 seconds and then give it a rinse. Place your toy on a clean microfiber towel, and just like that, it’s as good as new! This is a must-have for your sex toy collection!
  • Hypoallergenic Cleanser -  Unscented, alcohol-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free, and triclosan-free, this cleaner is formulated with safe ingredients. 
  • Made for All Toys - This mild, yet effective cleaner is designed to cleanse all adult toys of all shapes and sizes. Great for use on glass, silicone, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, and more. Keep your sex toys clean and pretty, so you can get dirty without worry. 
  • Wash Away Lubricants - The Cherry Poppins toy cleaner is designed to wash away any water-based lubricant, silicone lubricant, or hybrid lubricant. 
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Toys - Using a mild cleaner prevents cracking and drying from the use of harsh soaps. We recommend avoiding using soaps that contain alcohol or lye, as they can dry out porous materials such as silicone, causing them to crack, and allowing for bacteria to grow in those cracks. Stick with a mild cleaner, and your sex toys will stay cleaner and last longer. 
  • Quick Application – Keep a bottle handy everywhere you need to clean, including the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to help you avoid using regular soap. 
  • No soap? No water? No problem! - This all-in-one cleaning formula is non-abrasive. It effectively cleans without containing harsh or irritating chemicals. Created with high-quality ingredients, the Cherry Poppins Toy Cleaner offers a cleaning solution that digs below the surface but never diminishes the integrity of your adult toys. This is a high-quality cleaner that works well on your entire treasure trove of toys!
  • Misting Solution - Leave your sex toys looking and feeling brand new. This misting cleaner is created with natural ingredients, is gentle, easy to use, and leaves you with squeaky clean adult toys that are ready for the next round! Find pleasure and comfort knowing that your sex toys are clean and ready to spring into action.
  • Environmentally friendly - This bottle utilizes our targeted spray nozzle to deliver an even application. The pump will spritz the cleaner without using harmful aerosol propellants that damage the ozone layer and the environment.

Do you have a dirty secret? Clean it up with our Cherry Poppins toy cleaner! This hypoallergenic cleaner is the PERFECT GIFT, whether it's for you or a special someone. 💦

Cleaning: We recommend using a cleaner specially formulated for adult toys. 💦
Using a mild hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and unscented cleaner that is safe for all adult toys will help extend their lifespan by preventing cracking and drying from the use of harsh soaps. Simply spray the toy, rinse with water and pat dry with a washable and reusable microfiber cloth, and your toys are sure to last!

Drying: We recommend using washable and reusable microfiber cloths. 💦
Go green and get a washable and reusable microfiber cloth to dry your adult toys with. Microfiber removes approximately 98% of bacteria from hard surfaces with water alone. The fibers are delicate, hypoallergenic, and best of all, they are lint-free!

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